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Frequently Asked Questions

 I cannot find my order even though I received an email.

Double check that the email address and order number provided are correct. All orders for Dutch Instagram followers are not tracked by this system. You will receive a separate email about this.

 How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Most orders are fully delivered within 48 hours. Larger orders sometimes take a little longer.

 The status says “cancelled,” what can I do now?

Double check that your order meets the requirements:

  • Your profile or posted content is public
  • Your post/video is not deleted or has no age restrictions.
  • The number of likes, views, comments is visible to everyone.

We automatically receive a notification when your order has been cancelled. We then check whether your order meets the above conditions. If it does, we will place your order again and you do not have to do anything. If not, we will contact you.

 The status says “partial,” what does this mean?

This means that we were only able to deliver part of your order. Possibly there is something wrong on our side, we will solve this for you automatically! If something needs to be done from your side, you will receive a message from us.

 I see that I submitted the wrong link/profile, can I still change it?

Unfortunately you can’t change a link that was submitted incorrectly. However, we can fix typing errors for you. If you have made a typing error, please contact us.

 There is no start count on my order?

We cannot always check your start count. If it is empty or set to 0 it means that in most cases we have not been able to capture it. Don’t worry, you will still receive your full order.

 I did not receive my full order!

Sometimes it happens that you have not received your entire order, even though it is already on ‘completed’. We ask you to check again in 24 hours. Often there’s another batch being delivered, or the number on the (social media) platform still needs to be updated.

 All my followers/views/likes are gone again!

Don’t panic! This is common with some services. Platforms don’t always update the number of followers/views/likes right away. Sometimes they remove it temporarily, and put it back (automatically) a day later. If you don’t see a change after 24 hours, please get in touch. Then we will replenish your lost order for free!

 It says cancelled, while I received an email that my order has been delivered?

Sometimes it happens that your order is not delivered immediately, and we have to place your order in our system again. We cannot record this in our automatic order system. If you have received a mail from us, it means that your order has been delivered.

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